Retreat Offerings

A retreat is a time to ‘step away’ from the ordinary day and have time to reflect upon your life, your relationships, and your journey. A retreat is different for each person and each retreat is different. Depending on where you are in your life and what you need, you will find something in every retreat if you will be open and allow yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Retreat Offerings  


SEARCH Retreat

This retreat is a peer led retreat. Group leaders who have made SEARCH before applying to be leaders. As a SEARCHER you will hear personal stories of how your peers have found God in all things through relationships with God, self, others and in forgiveness and seeking reconciliation. This retreat is open to all undergrad students and graduate students who are not older than 25 years of age.

Search Retreat  


First Year Retreat

This will be open to all first year undergraduate students in order to get away from the beginning stresses of a new place, an unknown community and get to know your classmates and upper class leaders.  Orientation Leaders and Campus Ministry leaders will run this retreat just for you!  Come and get some answers, learn a little more about CHC and just 'chill out' with some cool peeps! 

 First Year Retreat 


Life Choices Retreat

This retreat is offered to Juniors, Seniors and Grad Students not older than 25 years of age. This is a weekend retreat (or it has been an evening offering for two to three consecutive weeks) that allows students to take the opportunity to explore what discernment means, what it entails, how making a choice rooted in faith can make a difference. Practical steps toward decision making, time for self-reflection and application of the steps are journeyed through with retreatant and retreat directors.


Silent Retreat

A weekend offering and some evening offerings. This retreat is a time to get away and be by yourself with God. There may be two or three input sessions, guided reflections and other helpful aides in order to help you deepen your quiet, your trust in the silence and deepen your life with God. We will give input on learning how to pray, how to use your silence well and in comfort and also have an opportunity to speak with a Spiritual Director.


What is a spiritual director? A person who has been trained in a specialized program through a Graduate School program or other Spirituality Center program which offers classes on spirituality, spiritual direction, how to direct someone, and various other courses in pastoral care and counseling along with practice and formal practicum in which the Grad student meets with a qualified Supervisor. This person is then trained to be with persons who desire to share their prayer life and spiritual life with someone who will companion them on their journey.

More information on Spiritual Direction can be found at Chestnut Hill College Graduate Division on Holistic Spirituality, the Spiritual Directors International Website or in the Campus Ministry Center of Chestnut Hill College.



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