UPDATE 10/30: Emergency Notification - Hurricane Sandy

Release Date: Monday, October 30, 2012

UPDATE 10/30: 

Chestnut Hill College (all classes, all locations) will reopen and classes will resume on Thursday, November 1st. Resident students may return to the residence halls after 12:00 pm (noon) on Wednesday, October 31st. The College was fortunate to sustain very minimal damage in the storm. Email and internet is still down and we are working to restore these services.


The safety of our students, faculty and staff is paramount; please use caution in any travels. Students who are unable to return to campus due to storm damage and/or travel conditions in their area should communicate directly with their faculty. Faculty and staff who are unable to return to campus should communicate with their supervisors.


We know that Hurricane Sandy impacted members of our campus community in varied ways and our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been directly impacted.


UPDATE 10/29: 

Dear Campus Community,


Chestnut Hill College (all classes, all locations) will remain closed on Wednesday, October 31st. Please do not return to campus without first checking for further updates. Depending on the availability of power and Internet, we will continue to use www.chc.edu, email, the College's weather emergency number (215-248-7009) and the emergency notification service to keep the community updated. The College's KYW closing numbers are also in the original message, listed below.


The safety of our students, faculty and staff is paramount; please use caution in any travels. We continue to offer full security service and limited dining services on campus. Facilities staff are also on campus working to prevent and address any damage (as much as is possible and safe).


Hurricane Sandy is a storm of historic proportions and we encourage you to take all necessary precautions and to stay in a place where you are as safe and comfortable as possible during this storm.



Dear Campus Community,


Due to the dire forecasts associated with Hurricane Sandy, Chestnut Hill College (all classes, all locations) will be closed Monday and Tuesday (October 29th and 30th). 


In order to prepare for this dangerous storm we strongly advise all resident students to leave campus. If you are able to, it is suggested that you go home. If this is not a possibility, residents are strongly encouraged to go home with a friend. In order to travel home safely, all resident students should leave campus as soon as they are able, but no later than 3:00 pm tomorrow (Sunday).


Please note the following: 

  • Major power outages are likely. In the event that power is lost to campus, it could take several days to be fully restored. During this time, in addition to no power, there will be no internet or phone service on campus.
  • In the event of a power outage, food service will be modified and may be severely limited.
  • Shelter in Place protocols may be implemented. If Shelter in Place becomes necessary, students would not be permitted to travel freely on campus or to visit other residence halls.
  • Campus wide flooding is also a very strong possibility.


Any resident students who are unable to leave campus must register at the Security Desk in their respective residence hall. Again, please note that conditions on campus are not favorable to staying and we strongly advise all students to leave. Any students who must stay are reminded that all Student Handbook policies are in place for the duration of this weather event.


Please continue to check your email, www.chc.edu and the emergency notification system for updates. We will assess conditions on Monday and make a determination about Wednesday. Do not return to campus without first checking for updates.


The College’s weather emergency number is 215-248-7009. The College’s KYW numbers are as follows: 

  • Day Classes 126
  • Evening Classes 2126
  • School of Continuing and Professional Studies 1094
  • School of Graduate Studies 2155


Questions or Concerns: Contact Krista Bailey Murphy, Dean of Student Life at murphyk@chc.edu.