Chestnut Hill College Education Department to Offer Autism Spectrum Disorders Endorsement Program

Release Date: Monday, April 21, 2014

The Division of Teacher Education and Leadership in the School of Graduate Studies will offer an Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) endorsement program for teachers beginning in fall 2014. The 12 credit, four-course program will focus on identification, assessment, instructional planning, and interventions across settings and grade levels in order to improve a teacher’s skills in dealing with complex classroom settings. 



The Endorsement Program, which has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, includes courses in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Assessment of Students with ASD, Instruction of Students ASD, and Clinical Practicum with ASD Students. During clinical practicum, students will complete 80 hours of field experience that will prepare them to provide appropriate education for students with ASD. Research-based strategies and methods will be instructionally emphasized. 


In order to participate in the program, students must hold a current Level I or Level II Instructional and Educational Specialist Certification and apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for the endorsement upon completion of the program. The program may be completed in as few as two semesters, or over the course of four semesters. 


For more information about the Autism Spectrum Disorder Endorsement Program, please contact Barbara Crawford at 215.248.7129 or email