Glossary of College Terms

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY - A commitment to five fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. Academic integrity policies and procedures, with faculty and student support, promote the learning process. Cheating and plagiarism destroy the trust and mutual respect that are essential to a community of learning.

ACSSJ - The Sisters of St. Joseph Association Student Exchange Program (ACSSJ) offers students the opportunity to enrich their educational experience by studying for a semester or a year at one of seven other colleges founded and/or operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph (locations in CA, MA, MN, MO and NY.)

CHAT - Chestnut Hill Activities Team is a student run programming board that plans activities for student enjoyment. Some annual programs are: Halloween Dance, Luau, Mardi Gras Dance, Quidditch Tournaments, Recess Day and more.

CO-CURRICULAR TRANSCRIPT - An official record of leadership accomplishments and involvement in student organizations, community service activities and professional/educational development programs. It is designed as a means of recognizing out of classroom learning, growth and contributions during a student’s college career.

EMPTY BOWL - An annual fundraising dinner for the Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide food and shelter to local homeless families. This is a popular event at the college and with the surrounding community.

FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act–A Federal policy setting forth requirements regarding the privacy of student records. FERPA governs: 1)release of educational records maintained by an educational institution and 2) access to these records.

FYI - First Year Initiative classes that help new students assimilate into college life and responsibilities.

GPA - A measure of a student’s academic achievement calculated by dividing the total number of grade points received by the total number attempted.

GRIFFIN - Half lion,half eagle mascot of Chestnut Hill College; also known as the "guardian of the treasure."

IDEAS - A leadership training program - "Involvement, Development, and Engagement for Active Students" that strives to provide formal,deliberate and structured leadership opportunities in the areas of individual growth and organizational development. Students are encouraged and challenged to extend their learning outside of the classroom in experimental activities that will prepare them for the present and the future.

IHP - Interdisciplinary Honors Program–challenges highly qualified students to pursue a creatively different approach to the Liberal Arts. The program offers seminars which promote a liberal arts education by stressing interconnections among fields of study. These seminars are reading and writing intensive emphasizing discussion, intellectual independence and integration of knowledge.

iPLAN - A pocket guide that serves as a resource for campus information. It also serves as a tool to participate in and record activities in several developmental areas. Produced by Career Services, it is intended to develop transferrable skills for the workplace.

PASSPORT EVENTS - A requirement of attendance at eight(8) activities (mix of educational, social and recreational events) needed to pass the FYI course. (Refer to FYI)

PHENND - A Consortium of thirty-six (36) colleges and universities in the greater Philadelphia area that works to strengthen Philadelphia’s service and service learning opportunities.

PRE-PROFESSIONAL COMMITTEE - A faculty/administrator committee that works to develop Undergraduate students into successful candidates for Law School, Medical School, Pharmacy School, Dental Schools and other such professional schools. Members are: Kenneth Soprano, Ph.D, Joseph Kulkosky, Ph.D, Sara Kitchen, J.D., Suzanne Conway, M.A., Bill Herron, Ph.D., and Karen Wendling, Ph.D.

PREREQUISITE - A requirement that must be met before a certain course can be taken.

QUIDDITCH - The wizarding sport played on broomsticks in the Harry Potter series has leapt off the pages of the fantasy book and onto college campuses. The game is a mix of football, dodgeball, rugby and hide-and-go-seek. All elements of J.K. Rowling’s tale are fully represented, including riding broomsticks. The “Golden Snitch,” the flying ball that was Harry’s job as a seeker to capture, is now a track runner with the ability to run all over the campus. Quaffles can still score points, and players can still get bludgered. Muggle Quidditch created at Middlebury College, VT., has since become a nationwide sport with more than 180 teams forming the Intercollegiate Quidditch Association (IQA).

REGISTRAR - Oversees the office that maintains the permanent academic records of all students; is responsible for course registration, classroom scheduling, transcripts, transfer credit and other academic needs.

SCHOLARS IN SERVICE TO PA - An Americorps initiative for service–oriented students that provides opportunities for students to earn educational assistance in exchange for 300–450 hours of service.

SEARCH - A retreat designed to help young adults re-explore and define their relationship with God, others and self led by student peers who have made a SEARCH retreat.

SEPCHE - SouthEast PAConsortium for Higher Education–Member institutions: Arcadia, Cabrini, Chestnut Hill, Gwynedd-Mercy, Holy Family, Immaculata, Neumann and Rosemont. The SEPCHE agreement enables any student,staff or faculty member to borrow books from each of the eight member libraries. Students may visit any of the SEPCHE libraries and borrow materials as if they were a student there.

SGA - Student Government Association–commits itself to actively represent the student body. By preserving the traditions of the College, SGA encourages an appreciation and awareness of the College and the world at large.

SSJ - Sisters of St. Joseph–the religious community of sisters who founded and run Chestnut Hill College.

WORK STUDY - An arrangement by which a student combines employment and college study usually in the College setting.