Volunteer Opportunities


  • Help Admissions Counselors in specific area college fairs
  • Greet prospective parents, answer questions


  • Promote game attendance
  • Fundraise for teams
  • Run Tailgate activities
  • Network among Alumni/ae, Friends and Others

Career Opportunities

  • Make presentations on Career Day
  • Serve on Career Day panel
  • Offer possibilities for student interning
  • Act as a mentor
  • Provide a career roadtrip for interested students


  • Help identify ideas for parent newsletter
  • Write articles for newsletter from parent viewpoint

On-Campus Events

  • Move-In Day—Greet new parents and families; answer questions
  • Parent and Family Weekend—Help with registration
  • Offer suggestions for Parent and Family Weekend

Leadership Development

  • Educate fellow Chestnut Hill parents about the importance of supporting the college through both time and philanthropy
  • Help host area events and attend special gatherings on campus
  • Help build relationships between Chestnut Hill parents and the college, and promote the college to friends and fellow parents
  • Advocate on behalf of the college by identifying and recruiting prospective parent donors