Associate Degrees

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers Associate Degrees in the following academic disciplines: 




The Associate of Science (AS) degree at Chestnut Hill College ACCELERATED Degree Program develops a strong core program and provides an academic concentration, so that an Associate degree student, in addition to benefiting from a planned liberal arts exposure, also has an opportunity to select a major. The major ensures focused preparation for varied careers and permits one to move smoothly into a baccalaureate program with no loss of credits. The AS is available in nine programs of study offered through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies ACCELERATED Degree Program.   



The AS is incorporated within the ACCELERATED baccalaureate degree program. This affords students the advantage of ACCELERATED Degree Program faculty, the challenge of intermediate level courses, the expertise of  a supportive staff experienced with academic counseling and advising and the interaction not only with other associate students but with the baccalaureate student as well. 




Program Requirements 

The Associate of Science degree is awarded to an ACCELERATED Degree Program student who completes satisfactorily the requirements of the curriculum. To qualify for a degree, students earn a minimum of 60 credits (at least 30 of which are earned at Chestnut Hill College), have a cumulative grade-point average of 2.00, a grade of C or above in all major courses, and comply with the standards of the College.   



Core Liberal Arts include 10 courses (30 credits).  The major curriculum is structured to prepare students for an entry-level position in a specialized field. The program provides a solid foundation for continued studies toward a baccalaureate degree.