Floor Plans and Amenities


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Lincoln Woods Apartments 

Room Types  Singles, Doubles, Triples Doubles and Singles Doubles in 4 & 6 person Suites Doubles One & Two bedroom apartments
Number of Floors  2 4 6 4 N/A
Bathrooms  Shared w/ suite and Hallway Hallway Shared w/ suite Full/Private Full/Private
Room Sinks  Various rooms All rooms All rooms As part of bathroom As part of bathroom
Area of Room (approximate due to variations)  Double: 15x11.5 Double: 13x11.5   Double: 13x17 Double: 12.5x17.5 Varies
Single: 9x11



Common Area:9x11 13x18 1 bedroom:684sf. 2 bedroom: 1056 sf.
Windows  3x5 5x7 3x5 4x4.5 (3 windows per room) Varies
Closets  Built-in (few room have wardrobes) Built-in Built-in Wardrobes Walk-in
Beds Bunkable  Yes Yes No No No
Mattress  80 inches 80 inches 80 inches 80 inches 80 inches
Air Conditioning  No No Yes Yes Yes
Elevator  Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Laundry  2nd & 3rd Floor Ground Floor 1st Floor Ground Floor Per apartment
Vending  Griffin's Den No 1st Floor Lodge Laundry Room No
Carpet  No No Yes Yes Yes
Other Features  2nd Floor TV Lounge, 3rd Floor Study Area TV Lounge,Pool Table 1st Floor is Student Center; TV lounges, Pool Table, Ping Pong Table, & Air Hockey The Pool House TV Lounge with Pool Table Full Kitchen; access to Fitness Room
2015-2016 Cost 

Double: $10,200

Double w/Bath: $10,810

Single: $10,860

Single w/Bath:$11,270

Triple: $9,480

Triple w/Bath: $10,270

Double: $10,200

Single: $10,810


Triple: $9,480

Quad: $8,670

Double: $11,250 Double w/Bath:$11,000

1 BR Double: $9,250

2BR Quad: $9,250


Fournier rooms all vary. Measurements given are an average to allow for "area" carpet sizing.

Updated 2014