Student Leaders in Service-Learning

The Service-Learning program has two leadership positions which assist community partners, service-learning students and service-learning faculty. Student Leaders work in the community and are supported and challenged to develop personally and professionally.  





Community Liaisons are an important part of the Service-Learning team. These students are Federal Work Study eligible, and have made the decision to earn their Work Study dollars doing community service off campus. The Community Liaisons help Chestnut Hill College meet the government-set requirement for amount of Federal Work Study money used on community initiatives. Students interested in applying to become a Community Liaison should contact Shane McCarthy at 


The main job responsibilities for Community Liaisons are: 

  • Attend at least one 30-minute one on one meeting with your Scholar Partner each month. 
  • Attend a service activity with your Scholar partner at least once per semester 
  • You will participate in all community outings planned by the Scholar community. 


"Being a community liaison has exposed me to a new group of people and service projects that I might have otherwise never been exposed to. I love that I have a support group at all times and people who understand the feeling of helping others.:

-Bryana Carroll, ‘11 



The Leadership, Engagement, and Service (LENS) program brings together incoming Chestnut Hill College students for a four day immersion into Philadelphia. This service-based summer program exposes students to a variety of community and social justice issues occurring in the city, and introduces them to SSJ sponsored works and community partners working to solve these issues. In addition to community service and reflection activities, students participating in the LENS program will be able to take advantage of the many cultural opportunities available to us in Philadelphia. Cultural events range from museum trips to sporting events, and will differ each year.   


The LENS program is designed to connect like-minded first-year students who wish to become involved in the culture of service at Chestnut Hill College, and have a lot of fun at the same time!  This program is ideal for students who have an interest in continuing a strong commitment to community service, as well as for students who wish to turn over a new leaf or get involved in community service for the first time.  If you have any questions, or would like more information about the LENS program please contact Ryan Murphy at 215.248.7032 or 



Student-Run Blog 

The Scholars in Service to Pennsylvania maintain a student-run blog about service called Griffins Doing Good. The blog contains ideas for how to get involved in service, different community partners Chestnut Hill College works with, and the reasons why students have committed themselves to service. 


Martin Luther King Day of Service 

The Scholars in Service to Pennsylvania and the Community Liaison communities coordinate and run the Martin Luther King Day of Service. Each year the students select their service sites and coordinate activities for the volunteers. The Martin Luther King Day of Service has been hosted by Face to Face Germantown and the Arc of Philadelphia/PDDC.  


If you are interested in being a part of any of the student-run initiatives please contact Shane McCarthy at or Ryan Murphy at