Community Standards Board



The purpose of the Community Standards Board is to adjudicate student judicial hearings at the request of the accused student or students, except allegations involving sexual misconduct.  Students charged with violating a campus policy will have the option of having their case adjudicated by the Community Standards Board, as opposed to an administrative hearing.  The primary goal of this Board will be to empower students to hold one another accountable to the policies and mission of the College.  The Community Standards Board will follow the same hearing process as all designated administrative hearing officers and respondents will have the same expectations as in the administrative hearing process.


The Community Standards Board will be comprised of the following members:


Non-Voting Chair ~ Applications for the position of Chair of the Community Standards Board will be available in the Student Life Office and interviews for this position will be conducted by members of the College community as selected by the Dean for Student Life.  Three non-voting Chairs will be selected and in the event of a hearing one Chair will preside.


The Board ~ Applications for the Community Standards Board will be available in the Student Life Office and interviews for this position will be conducted by members of the College community.  9 Board members will be selected.  When a hearing is necessary, the Advisor will schedule 3 members from the pool to serve.  Members are expected to excuse themselves from hearing a case when a conflict of interest or bias exists.


The Advisor ~ The advisor of the Community Standards Board will be the Director of Community Engagement.  The advisor will facilitate necessary paperwork, record keeping, and arrange hearings, including witnesses of fact, the accused and any other pertinent individuals, for the Board.  The advisor will be present at all hearings to answer questions of procedure and to aid the Board in precedent of sanctions.  The advisor will not be a voting member and he/she will not interfere with the Board’s decisions and recommendations.


Qualifications & Appointments 

  • Applicants for both the Board and the Chair position must be in good academic and judicial standing.  Members must maintain a 2.5 GPA.
  • Applicants will take part in an interview process with members of the Student Life staff and student leaders.
  • Appointments will be made for one academic year with the option for renewal.
  • Members must actively participate in training on the College judicial system and hearing and sanctioning process.
  • Members must keep confidential all information from hearings and agree to not discuss with others any aspect of the hearings or sanctions.


Hearing Process 

The Community Standards Board will follow the procedures of administrative hearing officers and have the power to assign appropriate sanctions, with the exception of suspension or expulsion from College housing and/or the College.  In a case where the Board deems suspension or expulsion appropriate, a recommendation will be made by the Board to the President of the College.  Hearings are closed and private, only the respondents and complainants will be permitted to attend; witnesses of fact will only be brought in for the time of their testimony.  All deliberation of the Board is closed and private.  The appeal process outlined in the College’s Administrative Hearing Process applies to cases heard by the Community Standards Board.