Staff Directory

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Name Title Email Phone Number
Abbott, Christina  Collection's Manager     E-mail  215.242.7732
Adams, Courtney  Assistant to the Dean, Academic Support and Operations E-mail  215.753.3610
Arnold, Diane 

Electronic Resources Librarian, Logue Library

E-mail  215.248.7054
Balcer, Jesse 

Assistant to the Athletic Director,
Men's Basketball Coach

E-mail  215.753.3790
Bambrick, Marie, SSJ  Coordinator for Teach for America and Philadelphia Teaching Fellows  E-mail  215.248.7014
Barrett, Moira  Applications Manager E-mail  215.242.7703
Bernhardt, Regina  Executive Assistant to the President E-mail  215.248.7021
Bonawitz, Kathleen, SSJ  Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Financial Affairs E-mail  215.242.7733
Borek, Mary Ann  Secretary, School of Continuing Studies
E-mail  215.248.7063
Boorse, Amy S.  Applications Manager, Graduate E-Mail 


Bredeholt, Dorothy A., SSJ     Academic Advisor, School of Continuing Studies E-Mail  215-242-7986
Brown, Darlene  Manager of Administrative Software E-Mail  215.248.7158
Brown, Trachanda  Director of Global Education Office E-Mail  215.242.7989
Bumgardner, Sandy  Psychologist  

215.248.7104 x4

Campbell, James Agnes, SSJ  Administrative Assistant,
Education Department


Canning, Patricia M.  Senior Director of Development E-Mail 


Cathey, Gail


Cataloger, Logue Library



Cavanaugh, Cecelia J., SSJ  Dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies E-Mail  215.248.7148
Chapline, Gillian  Marketing Manager E-Mail  215.248.7135
Childs, Walter C.   Director of ACCELERATED Degree Program E-Mail  215.753.3644
Ciotti, Mary  Accounts Payable Coordinator E-Mail  215.248.7079
Colaianni, Janet  Director, Montessori Teacher Education Program E-Mail  215.248.7123
Consorto, Carol  Interlibrary Loan Librarian/ILS Manager,
Logue Library
E-Mail  215.242.7982
Cooney, Kim  Director of Student Success E-Mail  215.248.7011
Coons, Lorraine  Director of Archives E-Mail  215.248.7184
Costello, Denise  Associate Director of Advancement Services E-Mail  215.248.7089
Coulter-Thurley, Theresa  Associate Registrar E-mail  215.248.7117 
Cranney, Megan     Assistant Director of Student Activities E-Mail  215.753.3648
Crawford, Barbara  Assistant to the Chair, Division of Teacher Education and Leadership E-Mail  215.248.7129
Cute, Theresa  Prospect Manager E-Mail  215.248.7006
Dachille, Nancy  Director of Career Services E-Mail  215.248.7048
Darrah, Mary, SSJ  Assistant to the President for Mission and Ministry E-Mail  215.248.7031
D'Auria, Mindi  Athletic Trainer E-Mail  215.753.3637
Derr, Page Help Desk Coordinator    215.248.7195
Dittrich, Kristen  Assistant to the Dean for Graduate Student Services E-Mail  215.242.7734
Dougherty, Barbara Nurse Practitioner E-Mail  215.248.7111
Dougherty, Sharon Director of Human Resources E-Mail  215.248.7036
Doyle, Clare M.  Associate Director of Student Success E-Mail  215.248.7071

Dunn, Christoper Jr. 

Admissions Counselor E-Mail  215.248.7093
Ebersole, John Director of the Writing Center E-Mail  215.248.7018
Ehnow, Marian  Circulation Librarian, Logue Library E-Mail  215.248.7052
Fevig, Sarah Director of Financial Aid E-Mail  215.248.7017
Fidler, Erin  Assistant Athletic Trainer E-Mail  215.248.7191
Floyd, Kristin Director of Web Communications     E-Mail  215.242.7764
Fowlkes, April  Admissions Off-Site & Transfer Coordinator, School of Continuing Studies E-Mail  215.242.7704
Galbally, Mary Ann  Assistant to the Dean E-Mail  215.753.3606
Gannon, Kathleen Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Logue Library E-Mail  215.248.7050
Gardner, Carolyn  Instructor & Advisor in the SCPS E-Mail  215.753.3653
Gleason, Jamie     Director of Admissions, School of Undergraduate Studies



Gornick, Greg 

Athletic Communication Coordinator



Gorski, Greg  Audio Visual Technician E-Mail  215.753.3603

Green, Elaine 

Dean of the School of Continuing Studies



Guerriero, Steve  Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of the Faculty, and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies E-Mail  215.248.7120
Hamlin, Terri  Administrative Assistant, DeSales Campus E-Mail  610.282.0397
Harkin, Anne M., SSJ  Administrative Assistant
School of Continuing and Professional Studies ACCELERATED Program
E-Mail  215.248.7711
Harkins, Susanne  Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies E-Mail  215.753.3623
Harvey, Michele D. Faculty Assistant E-Mail  215.248.7152
Hicks, Kenneth M.  Vice President for Institutional Advancement E-Mail  215.248.7103
Holbert, Johnathan  Student Financial Services Representative E-Mail  215-248-7039
Information Technology Hotline  Contact Helpdesk for up-to-date information on all I.T. services. E-Mail  215.753.3686
James, Theresa  Computer Lab Assistant    
Johnson, Lisa  Counselor   215.248.7104 x 3
Keane, Michael Immaculate, SSJ  Serials Assistant, Logue Library E-Mail  215.242.7885
Keenan, Marjorie, SSJ  Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Financial Affairs and Chief of Staff E-Mail  215.248.7168
Kendis, Jacqueline     Executive Director Student Financial Services E-Mail  215.248.7026
Kennedy, Sheila, SSJ  Director of the Counseling Center E-Mail  215.248.7104
Larkin, Mary Josephine, SSJ  Dean for Library and Information Resources E-Mail  215.248.7055
Lavin, Ursula  Coordinator of Facilities Rental, Mail and Phone E-Mail  215.753.3631
Lee, Mary Esther, SSJ  Director of Admissions,
School of Continuing Studies
ACCELERATED Degree Program
E-Mail  215.248.7062
Lesher, Michelle, SSJ  Assistant Director of Campus Ministry E-Mail  215.248.7107
Letts, Kathleen, SSJ 

Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs

E-Mail  215.248.7022
Logan, Shirley  Receptionist, Paging Desk   215.248.7090
Lockhart, Nikki     Assistant Director of Athletics for Academic Success E-mail   215-242-7729
Lovett, Jarrod     Assistant Registrar  E-mail  215.248.7005
Lynch, Eileen, SSJ  Math Lab / Adjunct E-Mail  215.248.7728
Maguire, Eileen, SSJ  Library Assistant E-Mail  215.248.7051
Mammone, Bette  Grant Advisor / Government & Foundation Relations E-Mail 

215.284.1106 cell

Mashett, Jayne  Director of Admissions
School of Graduate Studies
E-Mail  215.248.7020
McCarthy, Andrew M.  Graduate Admissions Counselor
School of Graduate Studies
E-Mail  215.248.7193
McCarthy, Shane  Service Learning Assistant E-Mail  215.753.3695
McGrath, Mark  Director of Facilities E-Mail  267.331.2853
McGuinn, Ellen Controller   215.248.7163
Melmed, Monique  Administrative Assistant in the Dept of Professional Psychology E-Mail  215.753.3652
Merritt, Denise  Faculty Assistant/Receptionist E-Mail  215.248.7151
Mickey, Joan, SSJ  Director of Mathematics Resource Center E-Mail  215.248.7088
Miller, Kathryn, SSJ  Assistant to the President for Administration and Special Projects E-Mail  215.248.7167
Mitchell, Margaret  Print Resources Librarian E-Mail  215.248.7073
Mooney, Ryan  Assistant Director of Career Development E-Mail  215.242.7109
Mulligan, Father Robert  Instructor of Education & Chaplain E-Mail 


Murphy, Krista  Dean of Student Life E-Mail  215.248.7142
Murphy, Ryan  Director of Service-Learning E-Mail  215.248.7032
Myers, Leslie         Director of Teaching and Learning E-mail  215.248.7013
Niescier, Susan  Academic Advisor - Accelerated Division E-Mail  215.242.7986
O’Donnell, Patricia, SSJ  Director of Institutional Research E-Mail  215.248.7125
O'Neill, Brian  Director for Administrative Software Systems E-Mail 


O’Neill, Ruth, SSJ 

Director of Foreign Language Resource Center E-Mail  215.242.7951
Ortale, Lynn  Vice President for Student Life E-Mail  215.248.7030
Pate, Carol M Senior Director Corporations, Foundations and Governmental Relations E-Mail  215.248.7127
Pecora, Lorraine  Human Resources Assistant E-Mail  215.753.3674
Pollack, Allison 

Senior Accountant



Quinn, Catherine E.  Director of Alumni Relations E-Mail  215.248.7137
Reed, Mpho  PC/Network Technician E-Mail  215.248.7037

Reig, Michael L. 




Reiter, Barbara 

Executive Assistant to the V.P. of Institutional Advancement E-Mail  215.248.7085
Roberts, Shannon  Director of Health Services E-Mail  215.248.7111
Rogers, Brieanne  Admissions Counselor/Hospitality Coordinator E-Mail  215.248.7027
Ross, Katye Financial Aid Counselor E-Mail   215.248.7182
Ross, Kimberly     Collections Specialist E-Mail  215.242.7732
Rusak, Kerry  Assistant Director of Residence Life E-Mail  215.753.3702
Schademan, Emily  Director of Student Activities E-Mail  215.248.7083
Scheetz, Marie  Assistant to the Registrar, School of Continuing and Profressional Studies E-Mail  215.248.7064
Schlosser, Alma Rose, SSJ  Development Assistant E-Mail  215.248.7105
Schneider, Betsy, SSJ  Office of Undergraduate Studies E-Mail  215.248.7094
Semchuk, Marianne Murphy 

Director of Constituent and Prospect Records

E-Mail  215.753.3684
Shevland, Mary Theresa, SSJ  Director of Planned Giving E-Mail  215.753.3617
Simms, Amy L. Assistant to the Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies E-Mail  215.248.7177
Smith, Jodie  Vice President of Enrollment Management E-Mail  215.248.7004
Smith, Regina, SSJ Retention Specialist E-Mail  215.242.7710
Solomon, Debesai  Computer Technology Support Specialist E-Mail  215.248.7035
Spigelmyer, Kathleen M. 

Director of Communications

E-Mail  215.248.7025
Strimkovsky, Lauri  Senior Vice President for Financial Affairs and Chief of Staff E-Mail  215.248.7168
Stroble, Albert  Assistant to the Athletic Director, Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach E-Mail  215.242.7715
Suarez, Paul  Executive Director of Technical Services E-Mail  215.753.3665
Tamez, Marisa      Enrollment Counselor, First Year Students      E-Mail  215.248.7008
Terranova, Michael  Transfer and Technology Specialist E-Mail  215.242.7716
TeTi, Polly  Director of Security E-Mail  215.242.3637
Thorpe, Jennifer D.  Director of Residence Life E-Mail  215.248.7118

Tomaselli, Christina 

Student Financial Services Representative



Tracy, Kristin  Director of the Disabilities Resource Center E-Mail  215.753.3655
Tubman, Lynn  Director of Athletics and Recreation E-Mail  215.248.7046
Tucker, Antonio Financial Aid Counselor E-Mail  215.248.3621
Vale, Carol Jean, SSJ  President, Chestnut Hill College   215.248.7021
Visher, Don  Video Manager E-Mail  215.753.3603
Vorsky, Fran Associate Director of Alumni Relations E-Mail  215.248.7016
Wall, Margaret  Part-time Librarian, Logue Library   215.248.7050
Ward, Sharon  Assistant to the Dean, School of Continuing and Professional Studies E-Mail  215.248.7711
Watkins,Chuck Director of the Griffin Fund E-Mail  215.753.3692
Webb, Eileen 

Director of Psy.D. Admissions and

Assistant to the Chair of the Department of Professional Psychology

E-Mail  215.248.7077
Weber, Meredith         Student Financial Services Representative E-Mail  215.248.7116
Welch, Cathy  Coordinator of Mail Services   215.248.6118
Welding, Mindy, IHM 

Director of Campus Ministry

E-Mail  215.248.7095
West, Ken  PC/Network Technician E-Mail  215.248.7037
Williams, Stephanie  Assistant to Dean of Enrollment Management E-Mail  215.248.7001
Wisniewski, Denise  Head Athletic Trainer / Assistant to the Athletic Director E-Mail 


Wolf, Emilie Student Financial Services Representative E-Mail  215.242.7730
Wolfert, Kaitlin  Student Success Advocate E-Mail  215.248.7199
Wylie, Lorraine  Program and Assessment Coordinator E-Mail  215.753.3638