Staff Directory

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Name Title Email Phone Number
Abbott, Christina  Executive Director Student Financial Services E-mail  215.242.7026
Adams, Courtney  Assistant to the Dean, Academic Support and Operations E-mail  215.753.3610
Arnold, Diane 

Electronic Resources Librarian, Logue Library

E-mail  215.248.7054
Balcer, Jesse 

Assistant to the Athletic Director,
Men's Basketball Coach

E-mail  215.753.3790
Bambrick, Marie, SSJ  Coordinator for Teach for America and Philadelphia Teaching Fellows  E-mail  215.248.7014
Barrett, Moira  Applications Manager E-mail  215.242.7703
Bernhardt, Regina  Executive Assistant to the President E-mail  215.248.7021
Bonawitz, Kathleen, SSJ  Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Financial Affairs E-mail  215.242.7733
Borek, Mary Ann  Secretary, School of Continuing Studies
E-mail  215.248.7063
Boorse, Amy S.  Applications Manager, Graduate E-Mail 


Boyle, Andrea Assistant Director of Career Development E-Mail 215-248-7109
Bredeholt, Dorothy A., SSJ     Academic Advisor, School of Continuing Studies E-Mail  215-242-7986
Brown, Darlene  Manager of Administrative Software E-Mail  215.248.7158
Brown, Trachanda  Director of Global Education Office E-Mail  215.242.7989
Bumgardner, Sandy  Psychologist  

215.248.7104 x4

Campbell, James Agnes, SSJ  Administrative Assistant,
Education Department


Cathey, Gail


Cataloger, Logue Library



Cavanaugh, Cecelia J., SSJ  Dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies E-Mail  215.248.7148
Chapline, Gillian  Marketing Manager E-Mail  215.248.7135
Childs, Walter C.   Director of ACCELERATED Degree Program E-Mail  215.753.3644
Ciotti, Mary  Accounts Payable Coordinator E-Mail  215.248.7079
Colaianni, Janet  Director, Montessori Teacher Education Program E-Mail  215.248.7123
Consorto, Carol  Interlibrary Loan Librarian/ILS Manager,
Logue Library
E-Mail  215.242.7982
Cooney, Kim  Director of Student Success E-Mail  215.248.7011
Coons, Lorraine  Director of Archives E-Mail  215.248.7184
Costello, Denise  Associate Director of Advancement Services E-Mail  215.248.7089
Coulter-Thurley, Theresa  Associate Registrar E-mail  215.248.7117 
Cranney, Megan     Assistant Director of Student Activities E-Mail  215.753.3648
Crawford, Barbara  Assistant to the Chair, Division of Teacher Education and Leadership E-Mail  215.248.7129
Cute, Theresa  Prospect Manager E-Mail  215.248.7006
Dachille, Nancy  Director of Career Services E-Mail  215.248.7048
D'Auria, Mindi  Athletic Trainer E-Mail  215.753.3637
Derr, Page Help Desk Coordinator    215.248.7195
Dittrich, Kristen  Assistant to the Dean for Graduate Student Services E-Mail  215.242.7734
Dougherty, Barbara Nurse Practitioner E-Mail  215.248.7111
Dougherty, Sharon Director of Human Resources E-Mail  215.248.7036
Doyle, Clare M.  Associate Director of Student Success E-Mail  215.248.7071
Ebersole, John Director of the Writing Center E-Mail  215.248.7018
Ehnow, Marian  Circulation Librarian, Logue Library E-Mail  215.248.7052
Fevig, Sarah Director of Financial Aid E-Mail  215.248.7017
Fidler, Erin  Assistant Athletic Trainer E-Mail  215.248.7191
Floyd, Kristin Director of Web Communications     E-Mail  215.242.7764
Fowlkes, April  Admissions Off-Site & Transfer Coordinator, School of Continuing Studies E-Mail  215.242.7704
Galbally, Mary Ann  Assistant to the Dean E-Mail  215.753.3606
Gannon, Kathleen Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Logue Library E-Mail  215.248.7050
Gardner, Carolyn  Instructor & Advisor in the SCPS E-Mail  215.753.3653
Gleason, Jamie     Director of Admissions, School of Undergraduate Studies



Gornick, Greg 

Athletic Communication Coordinator



Gorski, Greg  Audio Visual Technician E-Mail  215.753.3603

Green, Elaine 

Dean of the School of Continuing Studies



Guerriero, Steve  Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of the Faculty, and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies E-Mail  215.248.7120
Hamlin, Terri  Administrative Assistant, DeSales Campus E-Mail  610.282.0397
Harkin, Anne M., SSJ  Administrative Assistant
School of Continuing and Professional Studies ACCELERATED Program
E-Mail  215.248.7711
Harkins, Susanne  Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies E-Mail  215.753.3623
Harvey, Michele D. Faculty Assistant E-Mail  215.248.7152
Hicks, Kenneth M.  Vice President for Institutional Advancement E-Mail  215.248.7103
Holbert, Johnathan  Student Financial Services Representative E-Mail  215-248-7039
Information Technology Hotline  Contact Helpdesk for up-to-date information on all I.T. services. E-Mail  215.753.3686
James, Theresa  Computer Lab Assistant    
Johnson, Lisa  Counselor   215.248.7104 x 3
Keane, Michael Immaculate, SSJ  Serials Assistant, Logue Library E-Mail  215.242.7885
Keenan, Marjorie, SSJ  Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Financial Affairs and Chief of Staff E-Mail  215.248.7168
Kennedy, Sheila, SSJ  Director of the Counseling Center E-Mail  215.248.7104
Larkin, Mary Josephine, SSJ  Dean for Library and Information Resources E-Mail  215.248.7055
Lavin, Ursula  Coordinator of Facilities Rental, Mail and Phone E-Mail  215.753.3631
Lee, Mary Esther, SSJ  Director of Admissions,
School of Continuing Studies
ACCELERATED Degree Program
E-Mail  215.248.7062
Letts, Kathleen, SSJ 

Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs

E-Mail  215.248.7022
Logan, Shirley  Receptionist, Paging Desk   215.248.7090
Lockhart, Nikki     Assistant Director of Athletics for Academic Success E-mail   215-242-7729
Lovett, Jarrod     Assistant Registrar  E-mail  215.248.7005
Lynch, Eileen, SSJ  Math Lab / Adjunct E-Mail  215.248.7728
Maguire, Eileen, SSJ  Library Assistant E-Mail  215.248.7051
Mammone, Bette  Grant Advisor / Government & Foundation Relations E-Mail 

215.284.1106 cell

Mashett, Jayne  Director of Admissions
School of Graduate Studies
E-Mail  215.248.7020
McCarthy, Andrew M.  Graduate Admissions Counselor
School of Graduate Studies
E-Mail  215.248.7193
McCarthy, Shane  Service Learning Assistant E-Mail  215.753.3695
McGrath, Mark  Director of Facilities E-Mail  267.331.2853
McGuinn, Ellen Controller   215.248.7163
Melmed, Monique  Administrative Assistant in the Dept of Professional Psychology E-Mail  215.753.3652
Merritt, Denise  Faculty Assistant/Receptionist E-Mail  215.248.7151
Mickey, Joan, SSJ  Director of Mathematics Resource Center E-Mail  215.248.7088
Miller, Kathryn, SSJ  Assistant to the President for Administration and Special Projects E-Mail  215.248.7167
Mitchell, Margaret  Print Resources Librarian E-Mail  215.248.7073
Mulligan, Father Robert  Instructor of Education & Chaplain E-Mail 


Murphy, Krista  Dean of Student Life E-Mail  215.248.7142
Murphy, Ryan  Director of Service-Learning E-Mail  215.248.7032
Myers, Leslie         Director of Teaching and Learning E-mail  215.248.7013
Niescier, Susan  Academic Advisor - Accelerated Division E-Mail  215.242.7986
O’Donnell, Patricia, SSJ  Director of Institutional Research E-Mail  215.248.7125
O'Neill, Brian  Director for Administrative Software Systems E-Mail 


O’Neill, Ruth, SSJ 

Director of Foreign Language Resource Center E-Mail  215.242.7951
Ortale, Lynn  Vice President for Student Life E-Mail  215.248.7030
Pecora, Lorraine  Human Resources Assistant E-Mail  215.753.3674
Pollack, Allison 

Senior Accountant



Quinn, Catherine E.  Director of Alumni Relations E-Mail  215.248.7137
Reed, Mpho  PC/Network Technician E-Mail  215.248.7037

Reig, Michael L. 




Reiter, Barbara 

Executive Assistant to the V.P. of Institutional Advancement E-Mail  215.248.7085
Roberts, Shannon  Director of Health Services E-Mail  215.248.7111
Rogers, Brieanne  Admissions Counselor/Hospitality Coordinator E-Mail  215.248.7027
Ross, Katye Financial Aid Counselor E-Mail   215.248.7076
Ross, Kimberly     Collections Specialist E-Mail  215.242.7732
Rusak, Kerry  Assistant Director of Residence Life E-Mail  215.753.3702
Schademan, Emily  Director of Student Activities E-Mail  215.248.7083
Scheetz, Marie  Assistant to the Registrar, School of Continuing and Profressional Studies E-Mail  215.248.7064
Schlosser, Alma Rose, SSJ  Development Assistant E-Mail  215.248.7105
Schneider, Betsy, SSJ  Office of Undergraduate Studies E-Mail  215.248.7094
Shevland, Mary Theresa, SSJ  Director of Planned Giving E-Mail  215.753.3617
Simms, Amy L. Assistant to the Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies E-Mail  215.248.7177
Smith, Jodie  Vice President of Enrollment Management E-Mail  215.248.7004
Smith, Regina, SSJ Retention Specialist E-Mail  215.242.7710
Solomon, Debesai  Computer Technology Support Specialist E-Mail  215.248.7035
Spigelmyer, Kathleen M. 

Director of Communications

E-Mail  215.248.7025
Strimkovsky, Lauri  Senior Vice President for Financial Affairs and Chief of Staff E-Mail  215.248.7168
Stroble, Albert  Assistant to the Athletic Director, Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach E-Mail  215.242.7715
Suarez, Paul  Executive Director of Technical Services E-Mail  215.753.3665
Tamez, Marisa      Enrollment Counselor, First Year Students      E-Mail  215.248.7008
Terranova, Michael  Transfer and Technology Specialist E-Mail  215.242.7716
TeTi, Polly  Director of Security E-Mail  215.242.3637
Thorpe, Jennifer D.  Director of Residence Life E-Mail  215.248.7118

Tomaselli, Christina 

Student Financial Services Representative



Tracy, Kristin  Director of the Disabilities Resource Center E-Mail  215.753.3655
Tubman, Lynn  Director of Athletics and Recreation E-Mail  215.248.7046
Vale, Carol Jean, SSJ  President, Chestnut Hill College   215.248.7021
Visher, Don  Video Manager E-Mail  215.753.3603
Vorsky, Fran Associate Director of Alumni Relations E-Mail  215.248.7016
Wall, Margaret  Part-time Librarian, Logue Library   215.248.7050
Ward, Sharon  Assistant to the Dean, School of Continuing and Professional Studies E-Mail  215.248.7711
Watkins,Chuck Director of the Griffin Fund E-Mail  215.753.3692
Webb, Eileen 

Director of Psy.D. Admissions and

Assistant to the Chair of the Department of Professional Psychology

E-Mail  215.248.7077
Weber, Meredith         Student Financial Services Representative E-Mail  215.248.7116
Welch, Cathy  Coordinator of Mail Services   215.248.6118
West, Ken  PC/Network Technician E-Mail  215.248.7037
Williams, Stephanie  Assistant to Dean of Enrollment Management E-Mail  215.248.7001
Wisniewski, Denise  Head Athletic Trainer / Assistant to the Athletic Director E-Mail 


Wolf, Emilie Student Financial Services Representative E-Mail  215.242.7730
Wolfert, Kaitlin  Student Success Advocate E-Mail  215.248.7199
Wylie, Lorraine  Program and Assessment Coordinator E-Mail  215.753.3638