Mission of Chestnut Hill College

From the Office of the Assistant to the President for Mission and Ministry

Welcome to Chestnut Hill College. It is our hope that you will find the history, legacy and mission of the college one that entices you to join us!

We strive to live into the values that we hold so very dear to our hearts. The mission of the college is dedicated to serving the Dear Neighbor of student, faculty, staff, the surrounding community, as well as our global neighbors, without distinction and with love. Father Medaille, S.J. asked the Sisters, as they surveyed the streets, to find the needs of the dear neighbor and to ‘circle the city with love”. This inscription can be found in the McCaffery Lounge above the fireplace so that all who enter here may know that our Mission is meant to be lived. The mission is a testimony to the lives of those who have gone before us and we stand on their shoulders. YOU make the history come alive now and YOU live into the mission and walk the mission on earth NOW. If we, the Office of Mission and Ministry and Campus Ministry can be of any help to you, please know that we are here.

S. Maria Kostka Logue, SSJ, who presided as dean when Mount St. Joseph College first opened on September 22, 1924, once told a group of students that Chestnut Hill College “will prepare you to learn how to earn a living, because you must. But you are here to learn how to live.”


Mission Statement

The mission of Chestnut Hill College is to provide students with holistic education in an inclusive Catholic community marked by academic excellence, shared responsibility, personal and professional growth, service to one another and to the global community, and concern for the earth. 

Chestnut Hill College, founded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph in 1924, is an independent, Catholic institution that fosters equality through education. Faithful to its strong liberal arts tradition, Chestnut Hill College offers academic programs of excellence in the areas of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing studies.

True to its Catholic heritage, Chestnut Hill College espouses the beliefs and values inherent in the Judeo-Christian tradition while it respects the contributions made by other faith traditions in the development of the whole person. The College nurtures a sense of integrity, spirituality, and social justice in all.

The College community dedicates itself to four purposes in fulfilling this mission.

It seeks:

  • to provide avenues for students to achieve academic excellence and to pursue research in their major field or in interdisciplinary studies. The College encourages students to explore and experience diverse curricula and to participate in exchange programs with other institutions of higher education.
  • to initiate links between the world of learning and the world of work through curricular planning, technological opportunities, and career preparation. The College guides students in applying theoretical learning through experiential education designed collaboratively by faculty and students.
  • to uphold an atmosphere of communal respect in which all may clarify and articulate personal values and beliefs while exploring the ethical and moral dimensions underlying all relationships. The College encourages inter-faith opportunities by acquainting all students with Catholicism, its theology and its Judeo-Christian roots, and by engaging in dialogue with women and men of other beliefs.
  • to create local and global connections that enable students to respond to the needs of others through service-oriented enterprises. The College educates students to identify and to address issues of social justice and to work toward systemic change.
Mission Booklet 
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