Financial Information  


Note: For more information on financial aid beyond this summary, click here. 


2014-2015 Tuition


Tuition for Master's-Level Courses   


Administration of Human Services  

$600.00 per credit  

Clinical and Counseling Psychology (CCP)  

$670.00 per credit   


$610.00 per credit  

Instructional Technology   

$605.00 per credit  

Montessori Non-Credit Course 

$200/$400/$600 depending on number of hours  


Tuition for Doctoral Program Courses  


M.S./Psy.D. Program   

$975.00  per credit  

Psy.D. Internship Courses  

(Applies to PSYG 950,951,952,960,961,962)  

$500.00 per credit   



Master's level students may also qualify for tuition discounts if they are a teacher, alumni, or particpate in ministry. To see the complete list of discounts click here.   

Sources of Financial Aid  

The four main sources of financial aid are:  

  • Federal – Federal financial aid is available to graduate students in the form of Direct Unsubsidized Loans. Students must complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be eligible for federal aid. Eligibility for federal aid is determined by the federal government and based on each student’s FAFSA. Click here to complete you FAFSA online. Once completed please reach out to the Office of Student Financial Services at 215-248-7182 or to verify your application was received.     
  • Private Education  Loans- To apply for a loan you need to complete either a paper application provided by the bank or an application on the bank’s website.  If you are interested in applying for a Private Education Loan, contact the Office of Student Financial Services for a list of banks offering those loans. You can also click here for further information.  
  • Private Scholarships - Some private and local organizations have grants and scholarships available to students who apply for them. Check with your employer or with local organizations to see if you qualify for this aid. 
  • College – The School of Graduate Studies offers a limited number of master’s level assistantships each year. Each assistantship requires approximately 100 hours of work per term in exchange for one, three-credit graduate course.  The Application for Master’s Level Assistantship may be obtained hereAdditional master's level assistantship information may be obtained by calling the Graduate Office at 215.248.7171.  A limited number of doctoral assistantships are available each year. Please contact Eileen Webb, for information at 215.248.7077, or e-mail  

For optimal consideration and placement in the Master’s Level Assistantship Program the following deadlines apply: 



Term   Deadline 

July 1

Spring November 1
Summer April 1














Note: For more information on financial aid beyond this summary, click here.