Move-In Day & Opening Information

New Students Move-in: Friday August 23rd,2013 

Returning Students Move-in: Sunday August 25th, 2013 


New Student Move-In

All new resident students are welcome to campus on Friday, August 23, 2013 to move into their residence hall and begin their CHC journey. New student athletes approved for fall sports programs will be required to move in on an earlier date. You will receive additional information from the Athletic Department with those details.
Because of the limited parking near the residence halls, we have divided new resident students into time slots. We ask that you abide by the time slot assigned to insure a less congested and more pleasant move-in process. Students will be asked to unload their cars outside on the property so the cars can be moved to the lower parking lot and other cars get in quickly. If you have hand trucks, be sure to bring them with you!
Check-in will take place in the Fitzsimmons Hall Main Lounge. Time of arrival is dictated by the first letter of your last name so check-in times are as follows: 

A to H: 8am

I to P: 10am-Noon

Q to Z: Noon-2pm


Returning Student Move-In

Returning student move-in is Sunday, August 25th. Check-in for Fournier, Fitzsimmons and Lincoln Woods will take place in the Fitzsimmons Hall Lounge. Check-in for SugarLoaf Lodge will take place in the SugarLoaf Lot by the Gazebo. No early check-in’s will be permitted unless you are an approved athlete or student leader. We are overwhelmed with requests to move in early or move belongings in early. We simply cannot accommodate these requests. If you are an approved athlete or leader, you will receive information about your earlier check-in date and time from the appropriate office.

Check-in arrival times are based on LAST name:


A to F: 10am-11am

G to M: 11am- Noon  N to R: Noon- 1pm 

S to Z: 1pm- 2pm 


Due to the limited space for parking near the halls, we have outlined a breakdown for your arrival. Please adhere to these guidelines to insure a smooth move-in. There is VERY little access room at SugarLoaf so sticking to your time benefits everyone. Staff and Security will be guiding traffic around the halls where you will be able to unload your belongings and then move your car to the appropriate parking lots.