Every student with a disability who requests accommodations has the responsibility to:  

  • Meet the college’s qualifications and essential standards.
  • Identify him/herself in a timely manner as a  individual with a disability when seeking an accommodation.
  • Follow Chestnut Hill College procedures for obtaining reasonable and appropriate accommodations.
  • Provide current documentation from an appropriate professional source that verifies the nature of the disability and the need for specific accommodations.
  • Provide signed consent authorizing the Director to discuss her/his need for reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids with the professional source of his/her documentation.
  • Inform the faculty member at the beginning of each semester about the disability, how performance may be affected, and necessary and reasonable accommodations. The student will be given an accommodation letter for each professor that will indicate this, but the student should also have a conversation with their professors about their needs.
  • Meet the procedural requirements established by the college for scheduling exams, requesting assistance, or making arrangements with your professor for getting the exam to the location of testing.
  • Contact the Director of the Disabilities Resource Center at the end of each semester so that appropriate accommodations can be made in a timely manner for the following semester. Students are strongly encouraged to make this contact within the last four weeks of each semester. This includes filling out the required academic Accommodation Renewal form that indicates the student’s need.