College to Host 25th Anniversary Celebration of the International Society of Hildegard Von Bingen Studies

Release Date: Saturday, May 29, 2008

 Keynote speeches at the conference will be delivered by Bruce W. Hozeski, founder of the International Society of Hildegard Von Bingen Studies and professor of English at Ball State University, Indiana. Pozzi Escot, president of the International Society for Hildegard Von Bingen Studies and well-known composer, will give a tribute at the conference.

“Bridges to Infinity” will celebrate the life and works of Hildegard Von Bingen, the twelfth-century German Benedictine nun, who was deemed one of the most learned women of her century. Known by her peers as “Sibyl of the Rhine,” Hildegard excelled as an artist, playwright, philosopher, musician, poet, doctor, theologian and administrator. Although Hildegard’s literary and artistic achievements remain a testament to her creative mind, her greatest role was that of a mystic, writing down her visions and interpreting them in words and paintings. Hildegard’s work Ordo Virtutum enjoys the status of the earliest known liturgical morality play which she wrote and set to music
between 1141 and 1151. It has been proposed that Hildegard’s two books on medicine made her the first German woman doctor to have left writing in scientific and medicinal knowledge.